Downloadable Resources

Ecostructure is developing a number of resources for you to learn about and explore your coast. Below you’ll find field guides and fact sheets that are free to download. Use them on the web, download to use them in your classroom, or share them with your friends to spread the word about eco-engineering, climate change, and biodiversity.

Download our Coastal Invasive Species fact sheet via the buttons at right.

Invasive Species Fact Sheet

The introduction, establishment, and spread of invasive non-native species presents one of the biggest global threats to biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Invasive species have a tendency to spread to the point that they threaten the survival of native wildlife or damage the environment, economy, or human health. We’ve created a fact sheet to help you learn more about marine invasive species, what we’re researching, and what you can do to prevent their spread. Print this fact sheet for your students, small coastal business, or just have a read through yourself by clicking the buttons below.

Carpet Sea Squirt Fact Sheet + Crossword​

The Carpet Sea Squirt (Didemnum vexillum) is an invasive marine species originally from Japan that is beginning to spread along the Irish and Welsh coasts. As part of our research, we’re investigating:

  • What might be causing it to spread?
  • Does it use hard structures along the coast to expand its range? 
  • Do certain populations have genetic adaptations that allow them to spread more rapidly?

To learn more about the Carpet Sea Squirt, view or download the following fact sheet, which comes with an accompanying crossword for testing your knowledge. 

More to come!

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