Project Videos

Below you’ll find a number of videos of our researchers out in the field, explaining Ecostructure’s research into how seashore life may be expanding their ranges due to climate change.

Seashore Snail Survey

Ecostructure project coordinator Joe Ironside of Aberystwyth University introduces our Seashore Snail Survey in the video above and shows how you can take your family out on a snail hunt while contributing valuable data in this citizen science project.

Learn more and upload your observations at the Ecostructure Observatory, or by visiting our Contribute page.

Sampling Topshells & Dogwhelks

Dr. Melanie Prentice of Aberystwyth University shows how she samples for topshells and dogwhelks and explains their potential range expansions in this video filmed in Co. Cork, Ireland. 

Topshell Research

Our researchers have been out in the field sampling for native and invasive species on Irish and Welsh shores. In the above video, Project Coordinator Joe Ironside talks about how topshells may be using hard structures to expand their ranges northward.

Fideos (Cyrmaeg)

Mae ein hymchwilwyr wedi bod allan yn samplu rhywogaethau brodorol a goresgynnol ar hyd glannau Cymru ac Iwerddon. Gwyliwch y fideos canlynol i gael gwybod mwy am sut y gallai rhywogaethau fod yn defnyddio strwythurau caled i ehangu eu cynefin!