We’ve made a number of informative “fact sheets” that are free to download. Use them on the web, download to use them in your classroom, or share them with your friends to spread the word about eco-engineering, climate change, and biodiversity along your coasts!

Invasive Species: Carpet Sea Squirt

The Carpet Sea Squirt (Didemnum vexillum), an invasive species originally from Japan, is starting to spread along the Irish and Welsh coasts. Ecostructure researchers are investigating what might be causing it to spread, whether it uses hard structures along the coast to colonise, and whether certain populations have genetic adaptations that allow them to spread more rapidly. Learn more about the Carpet Sea Squirt below, and test your knowledge with the accompanying crossword!

To download the fact sheet & crossword as a PDF or to print, click the ‘Download’ link below. For the Welsh language version, please scroll down.

Y Chwistrell Fôr Garped