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Help us with our research!

Ecostructure has a new survey seeking to understand attitudes towards coastal defence structures and the animals and seaweed that grow on them. Your participation in this study will help us understand how the design of coastal structures affects the way that communities see and interact with them.

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What is the Ecostructure Project?

Ecostructure is raising awareness of and researching eco-engineering solutions to the challenge of coastal adaptation to climate change by providing developers and regulators with accessible tools and resources, based on interdisciplinary research in the fields of ecology, engineering and socioeconomics. Ecostructure aims to promote the incorporation of secondary ecological and societal benefits into coastal defence and renewable energy structures, with benefits to the environment, to coastal communities and to the blue and green sectors of the Irish and Welsh economies. Ecostructure is an operation to be delivered directly by an interdisciplinary partnership bringing together expert staff from five leading research-intensive universities in Wales and Ireland.

For more information, check out our brochure here.

Ecostructure is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) though the Ireland-Wales Cooperation programme 2014-2020.

What are our outputs?

The principal outputs of Ecostructure are stakeholder-focused tools and resources, designed to raise awareness and facilitate uptake of opportunities to employ coastal eco-engineering solutions to climate change adaptation.  Each output will be accompanied by a targeted awareness-raising initiative, using social media, fact sheets, e-newsletters and Ecostructure’s own innovative GIS-based information gathering and transfer mechanism to connect with potential end-users.

  • Visit our citizen science platform, the Ecostructure Observatory, to record species and structures you find along your coast.
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  • Take our survey to help us understand what you think about our experiments and how you value your coast.
  • Take a look at our downloadable resources, including fact sheets and field guides.
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